Monday, 28 May 2012

New and Existing Crafty Projects

So I added a new Needle Book and Pin Cushion Set to my Etsy shop, it is on a lovely sage green aida with black, red and green circles cross stitched onto it.  I really did enjoy making this one and it almost didn't make it to the shop, as I nearly kept it for myself.  The listing for this piece is here.

I also thought I would share some of my personal crafty projects I am working on, one is a knitted and crocheted cushion.  I have complete the crocheted side, and I am working on the knitted side...below are the photos...

The detailed photos show the colours the best, however the cushion will be huge but very comfy.

My other main personal project is a blanket that is made up of squares either I have made myself or that I was given as part of a yarn block swap in 2010.  I am planning to stitch these together next weekend and then I will post pictures, but as a taster here are a couple of the blocks...

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