Tuesday, 22 May 2012

So today I opened my new Etsy Shop, see it here The Crafty Hippo on Etsy

I have a few items listed and will be busily designing and making more items for sale.

I really like my plastic bottle covers...I always carry a bottle of water with me, but the plastic looks so ugly so I designed and made a fabric cover for the bottle I carry.  Mine is a lovely purple fabric with some pretty purple beads

The photo does not show the shimmer that the fabric with a turquoise underthread.  I have been using this for many weeks and I love it.  The clip is useful, if I just want to attach it to my bag, and at the gym as I just clip it to the cross trainer (the bottle holder is in a really bad position)

As I find it so useful and so much prettier than the plastic I decided to make some more to sell...only a couple at the moment, but more one their way with all different decorations.

More blogging to follow...

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