Sunday, 21 October 2012

London, dear London

So earlier this week I was in London with my husband.  I love visiting London, the hustle and bustle and the art.  The art in museums, as you walk around sculptures in the streets and walkways.  So as we were walking over the Thames, heading to the Southbank I spotted these guys....

Sometimes a swift look up has wonderful rewards. 

We also found this at the centre, fabric and yarn on an immense scale.

This tree of fabric covered pipes and leaves of yarn.

There were other delights, such as this which seemed to me as a cross between a hobbit hole and an insects house (or at least how I imagine an insects house to be).

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Safari Northampton

So I was recently wondering around Northampton and it seemed ever so slightly empty as the animals have gone.  Over the summer Northampton had a Safari, throughout the town there were giraffes, gorillas, rhinos, elephants, lions and (my favourite) hippos.  The animals were dotted around the town centre.  The larger animals had been created by artists, while the smaller ones were decorated by local schools. 

There was also a very special hippo which was just a blackboard surface which had small pots of chalk so whoever walked by could just draw or write on it.  I loved that everytime you walked by it would be different. 

However the animals from this years safari have gone,  as the lions from two years ago did.  At least they have gone for a good cause or three as they are currently being auctionned off.  Maybe one or two may return like this lion (and two others) did from 2010...

...personally I would quite like the blackboard hippo to return, with this guy watching over him...